is the second episode in season 1 the charectors are david jacob mr volgaloff strugganof

Summary of EventsEdit

Yeah motherfucker, Lil Ugly Mane in this bitch
Comin' at ya with that real
Let me put it down on all these hoes, ya heard me?
[Verse 1]
Sewers to the slums where I'm from Yeah I'm gettin' dumb
Yeah I'm feelin' numb when that herb fill up in my lungs My swagger actin' foul, blackin' out
Roofie up my absinthe in the club, before I stagger out
Live or die, I’d rather take the latter route
Take the latter route
Rope around my neck and kick the ladder out
There’s no need to drag it out 28 grams, gotta bag ‘em out Standin' in the rain feelin' bad about
The mommas losin' jobs over the rocks
That I be passin' out in vast amounts
As fast as I can trash an ounce The first to come, the last to bounce
Countin' pen just put the block into a frenzy
The Glock is my appendage I will pop you out the Bentley
Never catch a player actin' friendly Talkin' to the devil like he sent me Bitch!
[Hook x2]
If you got big guns throw 'em up
Break that ho, split that dutch
Stick 'em up, bitch, stick 'em up
We don't give a fuck
Got some skrilla let 'em know
Stack yo money, sniff that blow
Tell me how that pussy hittin' bitch
You know I keeps it low
Yeah motherfucker
Still on that real, ya heard me?
Street music
Lil Ugly Mane, 2012, ya heard me?
Fuck all ya hoes, bitch!